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Srirangam - Aadhi Brahmotsavam

The Aadhi Brahmotsavam or the Panguni Thirunaal was first initiated by Lord Brahma on the day when the SriRanga Vimanam sprang out of the Parkadal and then celebrated by all the Surya vamsa kings including Sri Rama. Since it is the first of all the Brahmotsavams celebrated, it is known an Aadhi Brahmotsavam (Aadhi means beginning / first). This was the first utsavam celebrated in SriRangam when the SriRanga vimanam was installed by Vibishana.

This Utsavam begins on Panguni Rohini (Birth star of Lord Ranganatha) and continues for 11 days and each day is special with a lot of happenings. The most special day of this festival is the 9th day (Panguni Uttiram day), which is the only day the Divya Dhampathis give darshan together. Knowing the auspiciousness of this day when NamPerumal is with Periya Piraattiyar, Swamy Ramanuja did his saranagathi and composed the Gadhya Thrayam - Sriranga Gadyam, Saranagathi Gadyam and Vaikunta Gadyam. Now let us read the details of the Utsavam and enjoy.

Snapshot of the Utsavam details

2 days before the start of the Utsavam
Thirumulai - Senai Mudalvar purappadu
1 day before the start of the Utsavam
Nagarasodhanai - Senai Mudalvar purappadu
1st day of the Utsavam
Aadhibrammothsavam - Mirror room seva - Thirumanjanam at Yagasala
2nd day of the Utsavam
Aadhibrammothsavam - Night Jeeyapuram purappadu
3rd day of the Utsavam
Aadhibrammothsavam - Evening Srirangam purappadu
4th day of the Utsavam
Aadhibrammothsavam - Pallakku - Garuda seva
5th day of the Utsavam
Aadhibrammothsavam - Sesha vahanam - Karpaga vritcham
6th day of the Utsavam
Aadhibrammothsavam - Woraiyur purappadu - Namperumal Kamalavalli Nachiar serthi seva
7th day of the Utsavam
Aadhibrammothsavam - Srirangam purappadu - Mirror room seva - Soornabishekam - Nel alavu - Poonther
8th day of the Utsavam
Aadhibrammothsavam - Pallakku - Ellakarai mandabam Horse Vahanam Vaiyali
9th day of the Utsavam
Aadhibrammothsavam - Panguni Utthiram - Pranaya kalagam Sri Namperumal Thayar serthi seva Theerthavari
10th day of the Utsavam
Aadhibrammothsavam - Goratham - Sabthavaranam
11th day of the Utsavam
Aadhibrammothsavam - Alum pallakku

Two days before the Utsavam begins, the Archakas of Srirangam tie the Rakshabhandhanam (sacred thread) on Periya Perumal. Then the Rakshabhandhanam is tied to NamPerumal and His commander-in-chief Senai Mudhaliyar (Vishvaksenar). Senai Mudhaliyar then goes on a procession to Sri Ranga Nachiyar sannidhi to formally inform the begining of the Utsavam and then visit the Sthala Vruksham, which is the Bilva Tree near Sri Ranga Nachiyar sannidhi. From the bottom of the Bilva Tree, they take the soil for Palika Sthapanam or preparation of Palika for the sacred event to follow and then return to the sanctum.

 Senai Mudhaliyar
Senai Mudhaliyar returning from Sri Ranga Nachiyaar sannidi

On the next day, the day before the begining of the Utsavam, Senai Mudhaliyar goes on a procession around the Chithra veedi around the temple to ensure that the streets are prepared for the grand festival and also to ensure that the people of Srirangam are in good health. He lets the people of Srirangam know that NamPerumal will be making visits during the Adhi Brahmothsavam to bless and take care of His adiyarkku adiyars (devotee of devotees).
Senai Mudhaliyar during Nagara Sodhanai
On the first day of the Utsavam, the Dwajarohanam or kodiyetham(Hoisting the festival flag) happens in the early morning hours. NamPerumal starts his procession at 3:30 AM in the morning, on his vengala ratham (Bronze Car). The flag is then hoisted in the Dwajasthamaba mandapam in His presence between 4:30 AM and 5:00 AM. After the flag hoisting, the Lord returns to the kannadi arai (mirror room) for sevai to His bhakthaas. By 4:30 PM, they will perform, Beri thadanam, when all the dhevathas are bonded. This signifies that since the kodiyetham has happened, nobody in Srirangam is allowed to leave the town until the end of the uthsavam. At 6:30 PM, NamPerumal along with Ubhaya Nachiyaars, go on a procession around the Chithra streets of Srirangam. They then arrive at the yagasalai (place where yagas or rituals are performed). The Lord will have Thirumanjanam up to midnight while the pancha kunda homam (ritual with fire) will happen. Then the Lord returns to kannadi arai for the rest of the night.

 1st day - Garuda padam for Dwaja Arohanam
1st day - Garuda padam for Dwaja Arohanam
1st day - NamPerumal's temperory abode - Kannadi Arai (Mirror room)
1st day - NamPerumal with Ubhaya Nachiyars
1st day - Azhagiya Manavalan

1st day - Vengala Ratham
On the second day, NamPerumal starts on a procession around the Chithra streets at 7:30 AM and arrives at the Garuda Mandapam through Ranga Vilas. He remains at the Garuda Mandapam till the evening blessing all his devotees with His darshan. At 5:15 PM, NamPerumal starts His procession graciously marching towards JeeyaPuram, which is located west of Srirangam across the Vada Thiru Cauveri along the Melur Road. This day signifies His graciousness to go to His devotees who are unable to come to Him and provide His blessings to all. The main purpose of Him to go to Jeeyar Puram is to provide His blessings to his beloved devotees outside of Srirangam as well.
Also there is an interesting background for His journey to JeeyarPuram. Once there lived an old lady with her grandson who was also named Ranga. They both were great devotees of Lord Ranganatha. One day when the boy went to bathe in the river Kaveri, the river took him away and left him on the banks near AmmaMandapam at Srirangam. Rangan had Lord's darshan there and He also prayed for his grandmother. In the meantime, the old lady was searching for her grandson and Lord Ranganatha appeared before her in the form of her grandson. The lady took Him home and fed Him with thayir sadham (curd rice) and vadu manga (tender mango pickle). The Lord ate happily and disappeared when her real grandson arrived. Then the old lady realizes that it was not her grandson that had food from her hands but the Lord Himself. The old lady felt sad that if she had known that the Lord would come to eat, she would have made akkarai vadisal and fed the Him. But the Lord appeared before her and told her that He always eats akkarai vadisal at His palace of Srirangam but was longing for the simple food that His devotees have been eating. To enact this, the Lord sets off to Jeeyarpuram every year and blesses His devotees there. The Lord accepts offerings on the way towards Jeeyarpuram and reaches Jeeyarpuram AstanaMamandapam around 11 AM the next day.

2nd day - NamPerumal at Garuda Mandapam
2nd day - Azhagiya Manavalan at Garuda Mandapam

2nd day - On the way to Jeeyarpuram

 2nd day - Arangattamma going to Jeeyarpuram to bless His devotees there

On the third day, NamPerumal stays in Jeeyarpuram till 5:00 PM in the evening and then starts back towards Kannadi Mandapam and reaches  Srirangam at around 10:00 PM. 

3rd day - NamPerumal's procession arriving at JeeyarPuram

 3rd day - NamPerumal blessing the devotees of Jeeyarpuram

3rd day - Lord blessing the devotees at Jeeyarpuram
3rd day - Procession returning to Srirangam
3rd day - NamPerumal returning from Jeeyapuram

3rd day - Kasturi Thilakam Azhagiyava

3rd day - NamPerumal returning to Srirangam
On the fourth day, NamPerumal starts from His temporary abode at the kannadi arai (mirror room) at 7:30 AM. He goes around His palace on the Chithra Streets on His pallakku (palanquin). He arrives at the Ranga vilasa mandapam where the dhivya prabhandhams are sung. In the evening, at 6:30 PM, NamPerumal boards His premier vaganam (means of transport) of Garuda (the King of all Birds or Pullarayan). Riding His favourite vagana, NamPerumal blesses the ocean of devotees on the streets of Srirangam. He walks very graciously in his Woyyara nadai (wonderful gait) around the 7th prakaram of His palace (Chithra veedhi). He then returns to the vagana mandapam and then returns back to kannadi arai for the rest of the night.   

4th day - Azhagiya Manavalan in Pallaku

 4th day - Azhagiya Manavalan in Ranga Vilasa Mandapam
 4th day - NamPerumal in Garuda Vaganam
4th day - NamPerumal in Garuda Vaganam (Back Side)
On the fifth day, NamPerumal leaves the Kannadi Arai early in the morning around 5:15 AM with Simhagathi (Lion's gait) and goes to the Vahana Mandapam where He takes the Sesha Vahanam (Adiseshan - King of all serpants). He then walks around the Chitirai Veedi majestically and reaches the Sesharayar mandapam where He blesses His devotees from 10 AM to 5 PM.
In the evening, at 6:30 PM, the Lord gets on the Karpaga Vriksham (Wish fulfilling tree), to go around the Chithra streets before He retires to His temporary abode of kannadi arai where He is given Ekantha Thirumanjanam with warm water.

5th day - Sesha Vahanam

5th day - Sesha Vahanam

 5th day - Karpaga Vriksham

5th day - Karpaga Vriksham (back side)

5th day - Karpaga Vriksham
On the sixth day, NamPerumal leaves Srirangam at 4 AM across river Kaveri in a golden pallakku (palanquin) to meet His beloved Kamalavalli Nachiyaar for the kalyana uthsavam (marriage festivities). Goddess Kamalavalli Nachiyar was the daughter of the Chozha king Dharma Varman and she fell in love with lord Ranganatha and married Him. On this auspicious day in the Tamil month of Panguni, the entire marriage formalities between Lord Ranganatha‚ and Goddess Kamalavalli will be enacted at the Woraiyur temple and the Lord will present His signature ring (KaNayAzhi) to His Naacchiyar and will be with Her at the Serthi Aastana Mantapam from 1.15 PM to 11.30 PM. Lord NamPerumal with Sri Kamalavalli Nachiyar bless the bhakthas together on this auspicious day that happens only once every year on the 6th day of Adhi Brahmothsavam. After the marriage festivities are enacted, Lord Ranganatha will return to Srirangam across Kaveri that same night at 1.30 am. In the meanwhile Goddess Ranganayaki comes to know of His trip to Woraiyur through Kaveri Thaayar and is very upset with Him. We will see what happens when goddess Ranganayaki meets the Lord on the 9th day. Now once back in Srirangam, NamPerumal directly goes to Veli Andal sannidhi where He exchanges garlands with Sri Andal. After that He returns back very innocently to the Kannadi Arai for the rest of the night.

6th day - Azhagiya Manavalan on the way to Woraiyur

 6th day - NamPerumal's procession crossing the river Kaveri to reach Woraiyur
 6th day - Azhagiya Manavalan and Kamalavalli Nachiyar serthi
 6th day - Azhagiya Manavalan and Kamalavalli Nachiyar serthi
6th day - Kamalavalli Nachiyar's hairstyle

6th day - Azhagiya Manavalan and Kamalavalli Nachiyar serthi

 6th day - Azhagiya Manavalan and Kamalavalli Nachiyar serthi

 6th day - Azhagiya Manavalan and Kamalavalli Nachiyar serthi
6th day - NamPerumal returning to Srirangam

On the seventh day, NamPerumal decides to rest in the Kannadi Arai where He gives darshan to the devotees from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. He is all adorned and is His usual resplendent self!. In this beautiful mirrored room, Lord Azhagiya Manavalan looks most beautiful with His reflections all around. After that the Lord prefers to be in His own taking rest until He is ready for the purappadu at around 6:30 PM along with SriDevi and BhooDevi (Ubhaya Nachiyars). At 6:30 PM NamPerumal starts His procession from the Shantanu mandapam and goes around the Chitira veedi after inspecting the granary. After the procession, NamPerumal arrives at Sri RangaNachiyaar sannidi looking very bashful. From 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM our NamPerumal has Thirumanjanam in Sri RangaNachiyaar's sannidhi. This is the time when Sri RangaNachiyaar notices uneasiness in the normally
calm and composed NamPerumal. This uneasiness is reflected in the way the lord adorns His dress, the way He tries to shy away from looking into our Thayaar's eyes directly. Our thayar also notices that there are scratch marks on our Lords body. Seeds of doubt are sown in Sri RangaNachiyaar's mind which leads to the pranaya kalagam on the 9th day which we will see a little later. After the thirumanjanam, the Lords retires to his kannadi arai.

 7th day - NamPerumal in Kannadi Arai (Mirror Room seva)
 7th day - NamPerumal with Ubhaya Nachiyaars getting ready for the purappadu
 7th day - Procession in the Poonther (Flower charriot)
 7th day - Procession in the beautiful Poonther (Flower charriot)
 7th day - Before the Thirumanjanam at Sri RangaNachiyaar sannidi
7th day - After the Thirumanjanam at Sri RangaNachiyaar sannidi

On the eigth day, Lord Azhagiya Manavalan starts His procession at 6:30 AM in His pallakku. He arrives at the Ellaikkarai Mandapam (Srirangam border mandapam), which is located on the shores of Vada Thiru Kaveri or Kollidam. Lord NamperumaL leaves via the manal veli through the eastern gate, walks all the way across the railway lines, then goes towards Thiruvanaikaval and reaches Ellaikkarai Mandapam on the banks of Vada Thiru Kaveri. The Lord provides His blessings to all His devotees at the Ellaikkarai Mandapam starting at 10:45 AM. Lord Azhagiya Manavalan goes to Ellaikkarai mandapam and comes back via Kollidam purposefully as if searching for His supposedly lost ring which He gave to Kamalavalli Nachiyaar in Woraiyur. He has been preparing a list of excuses and reasons to tell Sri Ranga Nachiyar, who is angry with Him because He had gone to Woraiyur on the 6th day of the utsavam without telling Her. In olden days, the people who walked with Namperumal had sieves to sift through the sands of Kollidam for the supposed lost ring. Nowadays Lord Namperumal just rides His horse through Kollidam from Allaikkarai mandapam back through vadakku vAsal. Lord Azhagiya Manavalan gets on His Kuthirai vaganam (horse ride) at 6:00 PM. He goes back through vadakku vasal to vadakku (North) Chithra street and rides His horse magnificently around the 7th prakaram of Srirangam. When He arrives by the kIzha (East) Chithra street, He performs His beautiful woyyali march on His Kuthirai vaganam. This is a wonderful treat for the eyes of the bhakthas. The Lord returns to the kannadi arai for the night after going around the Chithra streets.
 8th day - NamPerumal proceeding to Ellaikarai Mandapam
  8th day - NamPerumal proceeding to Ellaikarai Mandapam
  8th day - NamPerumal at Ellaikarai Mandapam
8th day - NamPerumal returning via Kollidam
8th day - NamPerumal on Kuthirai vaganam

8th day - NamPerumal on Kuthirai vaganam
8th day - Konal Woyyali on Chitira street

The nineth day of the utsavam is the Panguni Uttiram thirunaal which is the birthday of our goddess Sri Ranganayaki. On this auspicious day, NamPerumal decides to visit Her and bless all the bhaktas with the serthi darshan. Lord Namperumal leaves the kannadi arai on his pallakku to go around the prakarams of Srirangam. This is the only day in this uthsavam, when the Lord goes around both the Chithra streets (7th prakaram) and the Uthra streets (6th prakaram) of Srirangam where He stops at every house asking His bhaktas to support Him when He faces Sri Ranga Nachiyaar as He knows that She is very upset with Him after His Woraiyur trip. With the temple elephant (Andal) leading the way followed by the dhivya prabhandha goshti, He enters the temple and walks towards the sannidhi of Thayar after three hours of walking around the prakarams. When He rushes in to meet His Nachiyar with open arms, He discovers to His shock that He is denied entry and She shuts the door on Him. For the next couple of hours, Pranaya Kalagam/ Matayadi Uthsavam (household quarrel between the Lord and His consort) takes place that is wonderfully enacted by Arayar swamy. All the dialogues between Namperumal and Ranganayaki Thayar are sent through Arayar swami (for Namperumal) and through Pandari swami (for Ranganayaki Thayar) and they never face each other during this quarrel.

The Lord pleads and tries to appease Her in vain. She asks Him how He got all the scratch marks on His Thirukkazuthu (neck) and that why His Thirukkangal (eyes) are so red. She also asks why His Thiruman kappu and His Thirukkuzal (hair) are all messed up. She also goes on to ask Him why His ThiruAdharam (lips) are white, why He has kungumappoo (Saffron powder) all over his Thirumeni (body), His ThiruvadigaL (lotus feet) are red. She is also very unhappy because He is very late and hence She says She will not allow anybody standing outside to come in and anybody from inside to go out.

The Lord responds back to each question. Since He is the protector of the universe (Jagadhrakshakan), He was on His horse the night before fighting against all evil to protect His devotees and so His eyes were red. His hair locks are all messed up because of the fierce winds while riding His horse (kuthirai vaganam). His Thiruman kappu had dissolved because of the harsh sun rays. His lips were white because He had to fight against the asuras (demons) to protect the devathas. His neck was all scratched by thorns while He was riding through thick forests to fight the Asuras. He continues to say that His legs were red because He had to ride the horse with His feet in the stirrup and finally He has kungumappoo all over His body because the Devathas praised Him after His victorious campaign by showering Him with flowers. Thus, He says that He was late because of all the battles He had to wage with the Asuras. After the battles, He lost the ring in the river Kollidam when He was returning. So, He had to get a new ring and some flowers for Her. This caused Him to be late.

But Thayaar is still not convinced and She refuses all His gifts and flowers and asks Him to never come inside and told Him to go back to where He came from (Woraiyur) a couple of days ago.

Lord Namperumal with a very innocent look replies saying that He doesnt even know of a place called Woraiyur and has never been there.

Ranganayaki Thayaar asks the Lord to prove His statements. The Lord offers to put His hands in a vessel full of snake, cross any ocean and offered to promise on His devotees that He has never seen Woraiyur.

Sri Ranga Nachiyar is annoyed and states that all His claims are unjust. He, the one who sleeps on a bed of Adhi Sesha would never be harmed by any snakes. He, the one who lies in the great milk ocean (ThiruppArkadal) and for whom the river Yamuna parted to let Him through as baby Krishna will have no problem crossing any ocean. Also, He, whose lotus feet are sought after by all His devotees would never be betrayed by them. She instead throws milk, curd, butter, fruits and flowers on Him to get Him out of Her sight. This is known as the Pranaya Kalagam / Matayadi utsavam.

Lord Ranganatha then says that He has come to meet Her after going through such difficulties and She is not letting Him in. He says He feels very depressed and embarrassed as She shut the door in His face. The Lord says that all this embarrassment is not only for me but for you also.

Seeing the Lord feeling very sad, Nammazhwaar, acts as the mediator and approaches Sri Ranganayaki and says that if the supreme Lord and Goddess fight against each other, then that would be the end of all known universe (Pralayam). He says that the Lord is for all and She has to understand that He is sought after by all and so She should be able to let Her Azhagiya MaNavalan go to His devotees as well. He humbly requests that Sri Ranganachiyaar forgive the Lord and allow Him to enter Her premises.

Goddess Ranganayaki then understands Nammazhwars reasoning and commands Her assistants to let Her Lord inside. She mentions to the Lord that She is letting Him in only because of OUR Nammazhwar's words. As soon as the door is opened, Lord Azhagiya Manavalan is delighted and rushes in to be with His consort.

A beautiful scene transpires here. The Lord does not go immediately to our Sri Ranganayaki sannidhi, but rather goes to the mudhal mandapam and stands there, as if to ascertain whether our Thayar has really accepted and forgiven him. So the Lord sends his vastra across to thayar, which is accept by the Thayar. After this the Lord directly heads towards the Thayaar Sannidhi and then He sits directly across Sri Ranganayaki Thayar. Now our Aranganathan looks at our Thayaar's eyes directly as if to ask "why did you make me go through this struggle" and Thayar in turn asks him "Why did you go away without telling me". At this point of time no one is allowed to be present other than Sri Ranganayaki's Archakas and our Sri Ranganathan's Archakas. Thus sweet conversation takes place between our Aranganthan and Ranganyaki Thayar as it would take place between any husband and wife.

After they have talked for a long time, our Azagiya manavalan asks Thayaar's permission to go and complete the Panguni uthiram Utsavam as several devotees are waiting. But Thayaar asks Him how can She let Him go without having performed any upacharam. She then gets delicious "Akkara adasil" prepared for Him and both the husband and wife sit together and eat! After this, the lord decides to head towards the beautifully renovated Panguni Uthiram mandapam. As soon as our Azagiya manavalan reaches the mandapam, our Thayaar immediately enters the mandapam. After this the Lord and Ranganayaki Thayar sit together and give darsanam to several devotees who have thronged to see them. It has to be mentioned that here only the thayar is adorned with a garland and not the Lord Himself!

At around 10:30 PM, ‘Chinna Perumal’ goes on a procession to the Kollidam. After Vedic Recital and distribution of sacred water, Chinna Perumal is brought to the Serthi Mandapam to be seated alongside NamPerumal and Ranganaayaki.

On this day when NamPerumal is with Periya Pirattiyaar, He would never decline any wish of their children (devotees) and hence Swami Ramanuja performed his Saranagathy at the sacred feet of the divine couple through his three immortal gadhyams: Vaikunta, Sriranga and Saranagati Gadhyams. The goshti (group) that sings the Gadhya Thrayam today sing the same way Ramanuja had sung in His days. The recitation of the Gadhya Thrayam begins starting with "Vaikunta Gadhyam" and then proceeds with the "Sri Ranga Gadhyam" and ends with the beautiful chant of the "Sarangadhi gadhyam". Those heavenly chants fill the air with immense happiness. Around midnight after the Gadhya Thrayam recitation, both Sri Ranganathan and Sri Ranganayaki Thayar have thirumanjanam and the Lord and Thayaar look like newly married couple. The thirumanjanam continues till the early morning of the next day. 
9th day - NamPerumal ready to meet Sri Ranga Nachiyaar

9th day - NamPerumal's procession around Chitira veedi and Uttira veedi

9th day - NamPerumal waiting in front of Sri Ranga Nachiyaar sannidi

9th day - NamPerumal waiting to be allowed by Sri Ranga Nachiyaar

 9th day - NamPerumal rushes to enter thayaar's sannidhi but she closes the doors

 9th day - Namazhwar coming to compromise between the Lord and the Thayar

9th day - Namazhwar compromises between the Lord and the Thayar 

 9th day - NamPerumal sending His garland to Thayar

 9th day - NamPerumal waiting for Thayar to arrive at the Serthi Mandapam

 9th day - Sri Ranga Nachiyaar arriving at the Serthi Mandapam

 9th day - Sri Ranganathan and Sri Ranganayaki serthi seva

9th day - NamPerumal and Periya Pirattiyaar serthi seva

 9th day - Azhagiya Manavalan and Sri Ranga Nachiyaar serthi sevai

 9th day - Azhagiya Manavalan and Sri Ranga Nachiyaar serthi sevai

 9th day - Azhagiya Manavalan and Sri Ranga Nachiyaar serthi sevai

9th day - Azhagiya Manavalan and Sri Ranga Nachiyaar serthi sevai

 9th day - Chinna Perumal proceeding for Theerthavari

 9th day - Chinna Perumal returning after Theerthavari

 9th day - Chinna Perumal returning after Theerthavari

 9th day - Thirumanjana Kalasa pooja

 9th day - Sri Ranganathan and Sri Ranganayaki getting ready for serthi thirumanjanam

9th day - During Thirumanjanam

9th day - During Thirumanjanam

9th day - During Thirumanjanam

 9th day - During Thirumanjanam

 9th day - During Thirumanjanam

 9th day - Harathi after Thirumanjanam

9th day - NamPeumal and Periya Pirattiyaar after Thirumanjanam
On the tenth day, after the thirumanjanam, the Divya Dampathis are offered delicious Akara Adisal. Then the Lord requests thayaar's permission to leave. At this juncture, there is a lot of emotion amongst the Lord and the Thayaar and also amongst their bhakthas. Since the Lord now has to return to protect His people, He has to leave Goddess Ranganayaki, who is a padithandaa paththini (one who does not leave the confines of Her home). The Lord is immensely saddened that He now has to leave behind His beloved Ranganayaki to do His duties as the protector of the universe (Jagadhrakshakan). With a lot of effort and uncontrollable grief, Lord Namperumal comes closer once more before turning away from Goddess Ranganayaki, unable to face Her at leaving for another entire year. He will not be back with Her until the next Panguni Uthiram. Sri Ranganayaki feels a heavy heart at seeing Her beloved Lord leave Her behind to address His missions. The grief expands amongst the archakas and the thousands of bhakthas who witness this unpleasant event. After this gut-wrenching difficult split, the Lord goes on to complete the Utsavam and Goddess Ranganayaki returns back to Her sanctum to take care of Her children, Her bhakthas and help them reach the Lord.
At around 6:30 AM, Lord Namperumal gets on His majestic Goratham (horse chariot) with thousands of bhakthas thronging to get a handle on the rope (vadam pidippathu) to pull Him around the chithra streets. The streets are all decorated with Rangolis. With the Adhyapaga Goshti chanting the Divya Prabandams and the temple elephant leading the way, the Lord goes around teh Chitira street (7th prakaram) and returns to Chandana Mandapam. Then there is Thirumanjanam for Namperumal. In the evening, at 8:00 PM, Lord Azhagiya Manavalan starts on His procession again around the Chithra streets followed by Sapthavaranam (seven walls of the temple). During sapthavaranam, the Lord goes through all the 7 prakarams before returning to His sanctum. During the Sapthavaranam, Lord Ranganatha marches around the prakarams listening to Ramanuja Nootrandadhi with no musical instruments except for a drum playing as He is tired with the 10 days of the festivities. He then goes to Ramanujar's sannidhi where they offer tender coconut to Perumal on Ramanujar's behalf, and in turn our Azhagiya Manavaln gives His blessings to Ramanujar via Sri Sadakobam(Shaddari). After naivedyam, He comes to Dhwaja Sthambam and see off all the devathaas who came to SriRangam for the festival and asks them to resume their duties. Then He goes back in and has Rakshabandhana Visarjanam(the removal of the Rakshabandhanam) after which, He goes back to Moola Sthanam directly. 

10th day - Azhagiya Manavalan leaving from Sri Ranga Nachiyaar sannidi
 10th day - Goratham and temple elephant waiting for NamPerumal
10th day - Azhagiya Manavalan in the Goratham

10th day - NamPerumal in the Goratham

10th day - Adyapaga Goshti in front of the ratham chanting the Divya Prabandhams

10th day - NamPerumal in the Goratham

 10th day - Saptha Varnam purappadu
On the eleventh day, the last day of this utsavam, our Azhagiya Manavalan comes in "Aalum Pallaku". This Pallaku is no ordinary Palanquin but a beautiful one decorated with Shenbaga flowers. The way the beautiful palanquin swings side-to-side appears as if the Lord himself is dancing in happiness after a successful thirunaal! In the night, Dwajavarohanam takes place marking the successful completion of the grand festival.
 11th day - Alum Pallaku
 11th day - NamPerumal in Alum Pallaku
11th day - NamPerumal in Alum Pallaku
11th day - Alum Pallaku
11th day - Dwajavarohanam
Sources and References
Thanks to the great souls, Sri Narasimha Bhattar for the excellent narration of the events about this grand festival and Sri Sumi Sarathy, Sri Murali Battar Rangaraja, Sri Prabakaran Sundararaju and  Sri Adithya for the lovely pictures taken during the festival. Also I have to thank Sri Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan for the excellent ebook on Panguni Uttiram. The links to the original sources of the material found in this post are below.